Installation of Patient Lift Systems

Department of Labor statistics routinely cite musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) as one of the major sources of injuries to healthcare workers.  Americans are older and heavier than ever, and as a result, healthcare workers now have a MSD incident rate that is 7 times the average of other industries.  Most industry experts agree that patient handling tasks such as repositioning patients, lifting patients in and out of bed, and placing patients on exam tables put healthcare workers at increased risk for MSD’s.  There is also a general consensus that mechanical lifts can improve safety for patients and healthcare providers alike.Hospitals and clinics use two styles of patient lifts to reduce MSD’s:  portable lifts and permanently installed, ceiling style patient lifts.  Although portable, rolling sling require no installation and can be moved from room to room, ceiling-mounted patient lifts offer added patient and caregiver safety.  When considered a permanently mounted overhead patient lift system, special care must be taken to design and install adequate support structure to ensure the safety of the patient and staff members.  Failure of the support structure can have catastrophic consequences. 

Unistrut Service Company has successfully designed and installed over 500 patient lift rooms, and we are a certified installer for the Liko Patient Lift System.  The pictures below show installations done for The Cleveland Clinic, but we have also completed a significant number of patient lifts for well-known institutions, including University Hospitals, UPMC, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and VA hospitals just to name a few.

In addition to providing adequate bracing for the patient lift and any suspended diagnostic equipment, the overhead support structures commonly found in hospital and clinic environments often need to work around existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems.   The modular nature of Unistrut materials allows contractors to easily accommodate existing pipes such as the hot water pipe shown in the picture above.

hospital bathroom patient lift

A finished patient lift in a hospital bathroom allows care providers to safely move a patient from a bed or wheel chair to use the facilities.

hospital room patient lift


finished patient lift installation

Our proven track record of successful patient lift installations and vast understanding of hospital architecture makes Unistrut Service Company an ideal fit for your next project.  To learn more about our patient lift installation capabilities, or to request a quote, contact Unistrut Service Company for more information.