Unistrut Commercial

When an application requires a much more sleek and eloquent design, consider Unistrut Commercial, an expanded product line which satisfies the need for fittings used in lighter support applications.  As Unistrut Commercial complements our already stellar product line, its 5mm (or .197”) thick fittings for use with 3/8” nuts and bolts are ideal to support equipment used in lighter applications.

Because lighter applications call for lighter materials, Unistrut Commercial is available in lower package quantities for these smaller application jobs. ASTM B663 approved in zinc plating, Unistrut Commercial is an effective alternative for use in most electrical applications, HVAC projects, light-duty commercial applications, and any projects using the 3/8” fasteners. Most Unistrut Commercial materials are available pre-assembled which includes a pre-installed channel nut and bolt, while all materials may be used with any size Unistrut Channel.  Though particularly designed for use with the 14 gauge and 16 gauges Unistrut Channel, Unistrut Commercial lowers total installation costs and makes for a speedy installation through its lightweight alternative design. Contact a Product Specialist today at (440) 348-9450 or download the Unistrut Commercial Catalog.