Introducing Unistrut Service Company’s Design and Material Program

Are you looking for ways to save money on your next rooftop walkway, medical equipment supports, or ceiling grid project?  Do you have an experienced team of company-employed carpenters and fabricators or a reliable local GC?  Does your project require installation at odd hours or over the week-end?  Is your project so vital to day-to-day operations that waiting for an out-of-town installation team to arrive on site is not an option?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Design and Material Program may be an ideal way to bring your next installation to successful completion.

What is Unistrut Service Company’s Design and Material Program?

Sometimes we field calls from prospective customers looking to complete installations on their own.  The thinking goes something like this:  “We have a very skilled captive work force on site.  If we can provide our employees or local contractors with detailed drawings and the proper materials, we can save on installation costs.”

Why Unistrut Is Ideal for a Design and Material Program

Constructing rooftop walkways, medical equipment supports, ceiling grids, mezzanines and catwalks using Unistrut Channel and hardware is easier than using traditional metal fabrication techniques.   Unistrut virtually eliminates the need for drilling, fabricating, and welding, making installation a snap.  Armed with little more than a wrench, hammer, portable band saw, and a tape measure, your employees can successfully complete most of their installation in a fraction of the time needed to perform similar work with structural steel.  We can even provide custom cut-to-length material to eliminate cutting.  Best of all, should your needs change, Unistrut materials are 100% adjustable and reusable.

With a well-engineered drawing and the right materials, your project will be a breeze!  This is the magic behind our new Design and Material Program.

Common Design and Material Scenarios

When speaking with customers about potential Unistrut DM applications, two common scenarios are likely.  In some instances, prospective customers already have a drawing and they simply need the proper Unistrut materials.  Sometimes the drawing is spot on, and our customer can purchase their material with confidence, knowing full well that there won’t be complications with their installation.  In other situations, our review of the drawing reveals safety considerations, or we identify better ways to engineer the project.  Our recommended alterations might take the form of material substitutions (we might suggest a less expensive material or a more robust choice to accommodate anticipated loads) or design suggestions to make your installation safer, more efficient, or easily modified down the road. In other situations, our prospective client needs complete engineered drawings and materials.  In this scenario, our customers have peace of mind because our engineers have created a drawing that is easy to understand and the finished product will meet all local building and safety codes.  And best of all, the materials have been carefully selected, packaged, and shipped to the jobsite, which eliminates all of the guesswork associated with some DIY projects.

Getting Started

If you have a project that seems ideal for a DM Program, or you just want to learn more about how the process works, we are just a click or call away.  One of our applications engineers will answer all of your questions and prepare a custom quote for your project.  Are you ready to start saving?  Take the stress out of your next project and explore Unistrut Service Company’s Design and Material Program today!