What is Unistrut?

We work with Unistrut on countless different projects and applications each day, but sometimes we forget that there are folks who aren't very familiar with this versatile material.  In some ways, Unistrut is a grown-up version of the erector set you played with as a child.  The beauty of Unistrut (as well as that erector set you coveted when you were young) is that it allows you to build so many things.  Put another way, if you can imagine it, chances are good you can build it with Unistrut.  If you have ever asked any of the following questions, the  Unistrut Applications Showcase Brochure found in our Literature Library is a perfect introduction to Unistrut and its many uses:

  • What is Unistrut?
  • What is the difference between  Telespar and Telestrut?
  • How does Unistrut work?
  • Is  Unistrut right for my application or project?

 Our Unistrut Applications Brochure explains how this innovative material can be used to complete a number of projects, including:

  • Storage Racks and Shelves
  • Pipe and Conduit Supports
  • Ceiling Support Grids
  • Equipment, Tool, and Sign Supports
  • Ceiling Support Grids
  • Cable Tray Supports
  • Rooftop Pipe Support Systems
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Platforms, Tables, and Risers
  • Rooftop Walkways
  • Solar Panel Support Systems
  • Medical Equipment Supports

Whether you are familiar with every day uses for Unistrut or a novice, the  Unistrut Applications Showcase Brochure is an excellent resource that will help you take your next project from the drawing board to completion with a minimal amount cutting and welding that is common with most metal fabrication projects.  If you have questions about your application, need pricing information, or want to discuss having our team design and install your project, remember, we are always just a click or call away.