Making Connections with a Channel Socket

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If you’ve ever tried to tighten a ½” bolt inside the trough of Unistrut channel, you’ve probably struggled with a hand wrench, or you tried grinding down the edges of your socket head to fit inside the strut.  We’ve recently introduced a new product called The Channel Socket that makes short work of tightening bolts inside T series channel.

What Unistrut Service Company has done to fix this problem is created a new channel socket. The socket itself has flats that are milled on it so that it fits correctly in the side of the channel to make the connection. It fits into any standard impact driver to allow for locking connections directly into the channel. They're made in 2 different configurations; for the shorter depth channel, the smaller CSM12 socket. When you get into the deeper channel, theres the larger socker CSM12E. We also have a Channel Socket Combo Kit available which includes both the long and short channel sockets. The CSM12, CSM12E, and the Combo Kit are available for purchase via our e-commerce enabled website, and we include free shipping!  To learn more about the Channel Socket, check out the video below: