New and Improved S-5-N Clamps

S-5! recently introduced the new and improved S-5-N clamp. The new clamp ensures a superior fit for new and wider nail strip profiles as well as old ones. The new design features an innovative insert and angled setscrews to fit seam profiles of <.82".

The S-5-N clamp was designed for heavy duty applications such as snow retention. The new and improved clamp has an angled wall with a nose that permits the clip to engage the triangle type seam profile during the installation process. The S-5! zero penetration technology also preserves the roof manufacturers' warranties. The S-5-N can be used to mount S-5!'s ColorGard to nail strip profiles, making it the strongest snow retention system avialable on the market today. 

Installs in 3 Easy Steps:

The new angled wall with nose permits the S-5-N to engage the triangle type profiles suring the installation process. With this new feature of the new clamp, there is no longer a need to hold the clamp in place while the setscrews are tensioned. 

This new clamp is just the beggining of all of the possiblities with S-5 clips. Unistrut Service Company carries all S-5 clamps for many different metal roof seam profiles as well as for many different applications. These clamps are avialable online, check out the full product-line offering here.