Mechanical & Epoxy Anchors for Strut

"When we started our company back in 1940, we knew we had a time-saving solution in the Unistrut system.  If you think about it, time is the key to success in construction.  Have you ever caught yourself wondering what would happen if you could…

  • Get quotes out more quickly?
  • Finish installs faster?
  • Lower labor costs?
  • Make your crew more efficient?

Many of our clients do business with us because our engineering and installation services save them time.  They also count on us for competitive pricing and timely delivery of their channel, fittings, and hardware.  In short, they see the value of our turnkey approach.In this month’s newsletter, we have two stories mentioning threaded rod, which in turn got us thinking about the epoxy we use to anchor threaded rod in concrete ceilings.  And even if your application doesn't call for hanging threaded rod, if you work with strut long enough, sooner or later. you'll need mechanical anchors to complete your project.Over the years, we have built a reputation for having the strut--and the expertise--to help contractors get the job done right.  What you might not know is that we are also an authorized Powers Fasteners Technical Center--which means we can help you select the proper mechanical and adhesive anchoring systems to secure your channel to stone, block, and concrete.

To learn more about the complete mechanical and adhesive anchor line from Powers Fasteners, please download the Anchor Selection Chart PDF, view the interactive PDF below, or contact Unistrut Service Company for additional assistance.

image of an epoxy anchor