New Channel Strut Compatible with Most Fittings

New Unistrut Service Company Channel Strut is Compatible with Most Fittings and Satisfies Architectural Hardware Request

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New Unistrut Service Company Channel Strut is compatible with most fittings as it shares similar sizing to the most popular Unistrut Channel, the P1000.  The P4400 Unistrut Channel and the P4520 Unistrut Channel are also available in a back to back combination equivalent as the P4401 Unistrut Channel and the P4520 Unistrut Channel, which increases max load strength and application flexibility.

Such flexibility and convenience with the back to back channel combination, also referred to as a double-sided channel combination, Unistrut Channel P4401 and the P4520 is experienced in situations where should the user require installation in a somewhat limited space, the user now has the option to utilize the top, open-faced side of the Unistrut Channel as well as the bottom open faced side of the Unistrut Channel. This choice eliminates the probability of the user having to make material modifications in the field, but increases the maximum load capability and allows for more structural (beam) area.

Channel Strut Specifications

Part Number




1-5/8” x 1”

1/5/8” x 13/16”




Individually, the P4400 and P4401 are nice even dimensions that layout easily in the field – a wildly simple request Architects have been asking for.  With similar dimensions and agreeable field layout, the P4520 and the P4521 is a thicker gage at 12 and share the same dimension as the most popular Unistrut Channel, the P1000. Should your application require additional strength or even mutual Channel access, especially if the application is a metal frame, strong consideration should be given to the back to back Unistrut Channel combinations P4401 and the P4521.