New Product Introduction: Vibration Resistant Unistrut-Compatible Strut Feet Now Available

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Channel and Strut - Strut Feet

Fitting standard size Unistrut Service Company strut (also referred to as a channel) at 1-5/8” (one and five-eighths inch), Unistrut Strut Feet is a lightweight, strong, and durable 3” (three-inch) diameter and 0.5” (half an inch) thick rubber part weighing 3 ounces.  Each foot is rated at 200 pounds according to internal testing. Unistrut Strut Feet, also referred to as End Caps or Foot Strut, are simply attached to the surface facing an end of the strut, where it may then be set on the floor, used to protect the floor - limiting vibration and movement.

 Strut Feet Chart

A steel insert, molded within the rubber Unistrut Strut Foot, prevents heavy loads from penetrating the rubber that further protects the possibility of surface damage.  The sensible design also limits surface vibration, otherwise known as shock, along with limiting movement across the floor. These smartly designed internal modifications make for a non-brittle fitting as the Unistrut Foot Strut adapts to its surroundings, significantly reducing the potential for floor skid marks and even application movement – all critical design characteristics that no other fitting can genuinely handle and authenticate with testing. Wherever strut or channel is required, consider Unistrut Strut Feet that is exclusively sold by Unistrut Service Company and completely recommended as a durable strut fitting to protect the strut and eliminate surface vibration. For further details on Strut Feet and testing verification, contact a Unistrut Service Company Product Specialist or Project Engineer by email at or by telephone at (440) 348-9450. This product is also avaibale for purchase on our website and qualifies for free shipping!