Why Strut Isn’t Strut: Picking the Best Partner for Your Next Unistrut Project

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Strut is strut, right?  Although it is tempting to think all metal framing channel products are virtually equal, there is a difference between different brands of framing strut.  When you buy genuine Unistrut channel, you are purchasing a consistent, cost-effective and time-proven solution that shines above the competition.  When you purchase strut from Unistrut Service Company, you receive more than just a great product at a fair price.  You also benefit from our years of field experience completing installations that are very similar to the one you’ll tackle next.  As a customer, you can leverage our knowledge base to yield great results.  Here are three typical examples of how you can gain a competitive edge by partnering with the team at Unistrut Service Company:

Unistrut Design and Material Program

If you have a simple project to complete, and you have put together a bill of materials, by all means, send over your materials request, and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.  On the other hand, if your project is more complicated, you might want to explore our Design and Materials Program.  By discussing your project with our engineers, we can design your project and provide the drawings and materials needed to complete your installation.  The Unistrut Design and Materials Program utilizes the same engineering staff that we use for our installations, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your project will meet all of the required specifications.  In many instances, you’ll also save on material and labor costs because your installers will be working from a detailed plan to build your project with materials best suited for your specific application.

Expertise in Engineering and Materials

Many Unistrut installations require fastening strut to concrete, brick or block surfaces, but are you using the most effective anchors to complete your project?  For example, let’s assume for the sake of argument that you are planning to use Hilti Kwik Bolt 3 or Simpson Strong-Bolt 2 mechanical anchors for the job.  Did you know that USC carries a complete line of cost-effective Powers Mechanical Anchors that may be suitable alternatives to Hilti or Simpson anchors?  In this case, you might want to talk with a Unistrut Engineer about the Power-Stud+ SD1 Expansion Anchor.  We just put up an interactive PDF that introduces the complete line of Powers Anchors.  In fact, we even included a cross-reference feature in the PDF to help you find cost-effective alternatives to those high-priced anchors you currently use.  You can explore this new tool by visiting our Adhesive and Mechanical Anchors page, or simply click here to download the chart.If you’ve ever done a strut installation for a corrosive environment, you’ve probably worried whether you are using the right Unistrut Channel for the job.  We can help here too.  We’ve written a number of Tech Talk articles on corrosion resistant Unistrut Channel and Fittings, including the new Unistrut Defender finish.  Defender is three times more corrosion resistant than zinc galvanized products and significantly less expensive than stainless steel.  The next time you have questions about selecting the proper Unistrut material or finish style for the job, give us a call or send us an email.  A Unistrut Engineer will gladly lend a hand with your project.

Professional Design, Fabrication, and Installation Services

Our Unistrut channel is used thousands of times each day throughout the world because it is easy to fabricate projects without the cutting and welding steps typically associated with structural steel.  That said, there are times when our customers do not want to utilize a do-it-yourself approach.  Whether you are simply up against a tight timetable and a depleted workforce or your project requires a turnkey approach that includes design, fabrication, and installation, we can help.  From rooftop walkways and support structures to medical equipment to mezzanines and computer server rooms, we have a wide breadth of experience designing and installing Unistrut systems for countless applications.  Some projects are too involved for a DIY install.  By partnering with Unistrut Service Company, you’ll rest assured that your project will be completed on time, on specification, and on budget.

Who Are You Going to Call?

As you can see, strut isn’t strut and not all Unistrut dealers have the engineering and installation know-how to take on the toughest jobs.  If you are looking for something more than simply great pricing (which we have) and you need engineering expertise and installation services, give the team at Unistrut Service Company a call.  We have the materials, the knowledgebase, and the experienced installers needed to ensure your next project is a success.