OSHA Compliant Rooftop Walkway Constructed With Unistrut Framing Channel

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Unistrut Rooftop Walkway

This installation features an OSHA compliant rooftop walkway constructed from Unistrut channel and other related materials.  The facility is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the picture shows two buildings with pitched roofs that have been connected with a lower section of flat roof.  Thanks to this section of the roof's orientation to the sun, and prevailing winds, the flat lower section tends to be shady and subject to ice buildup and drifting snow during winter months.  Building maintenance personnel only have access to one section of the roof from inside the building, but needed access to both sections of the roof to service HVAC equipment.

There were several available options to provide maintenance personnel with access to all of the building's HVAC equipment.  One option would require service personnel carrying heavy maintenance tools to climb down a six-foot ladder traverse the flat, icy section, and climb up another ladder to access.  This solution was ruled out because it would require maintenance personnel to make multiple trips across the expanse of the lat roof due to the weight of their tools.  Unistrut Service Company field engineers did a site inspection and recommended a rooftop walkway to provide, safe, efficient access to all of the HVAC equipment servicing this plant.

This rooftop walkway could have been constructed using traditional fabrication techniques, but using stock sections of Unistrut framing channel precluded the need for cutting and welding.  Welding on rooftops is particularly problematic because it requires one worker to weld while another watches for sparks flying from the work area.  By using Unistrut materials, both workers are able to work on the fabrication of the walkway, which results in reduced labor costs and faster installation times.

The finished rooftop walkway was constructed from Unistrut P1000, P1001, and United Interlock Grating.  The rooftop walkway is 6 feet high and 2-1/2 feet wide and features toe boards and guardrails.  OSHA regulations pertaining to this installation include regulations 1910 and 1926. The rooftop walkway is OSHA compliant and it has a mid-rail rated at 150 lbs and a top rail rated at 200 lbs. Whether you are interested in providing routine, safe rooftop access for maintenance personnel or an OSHA citation has prompted the need for enhanced fall protection at your facility, we have the experience and cost-effective Unistrut materials to design, fabricate, and install an OSHA compliant rooftop walkway.  Contact Unistrut Service Company to learn more about rooftop walkways or to request a quote.