Selecting the Proper Anchor for Precast Concrete Decks

anchor failure

Care Needs to be Taken When Specifying Anchors for Precast / Hollow Core Concrete Decks

Here is a picture that we recently took in the field. Another contractor tried to use a standard anchor to attach heavy x-ray imaging equipment overhead to a precast concrete (hollow core or flexacore) deck. The cone shaped hole immediately told us that the anchor was not appropriate due to the weight of the equipment and the construction methods used to create the concrete deck.

  This anchor failure and resulting accident could have, and should have been avoided.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.Hospital facility managers at this location contacted Unistrut Service Company's engineers to design the proper anchorage solution for this application using Powers anchoring products. Avoid dangerous anchor failures and damage to expensive equipment suspended overhead by contacting Unistrut Service Company.  We have a wide range of Unistrut and Powers and DeWalt anchors, along with the field experience needed to make sure your installation is safe and secure."