Pre-Packaged Portable Guardrail Kits For Roof Applications

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We have just added a new wrinkle to our approach by offering a series of kits that include everything you need to complete your project.  If you are a contractor that is asked to perform lots of work on roofs that do not offer fall protection, we have a LORGUARD™ portable guardrail contractor kit that includes railing sections and base plates.  Because our guardrail is portable, it sets up and tears down in minutes, making it ideal for temporary applications.  We also offer kits for skylights, HVAC equipment, roof hatches, and ladder access points.  All of our new kits are designed with ease of installation in mind–and you’ll have everything needed to complete your project.  To learn more about our LORGUARD™ Guardrail Kits, please visit the links below:

Roof HVAC Guardrail

Skylight Guardrail
Roof Hatch Guardrail

Contractor Guardrail Kits