Secure Rooftops with Access Ladder Guards

Left unguarded, your facility’s fixed ladders designed to provide safe rooftop access can put your organization at risk.  Preventing unauthorized rooftop access begins with the proper equipment and a plan.

Vandalism and severe injury or death are potential consequences of unauthorized visits to your rooftop.  When limiting access to your property to essential employees and contractors isn’t feasible, the best defense is a ladder guard.   Traditional, lockable access ladder guards feature hinged doors that lock when the ladder is not in use.   Although effective, this form of ladder protection requires time-consuming installation and, the hinge action of the security door creates possible pinch points.  Hinged ladder guards also tend to be heavier items, which drives up shipping costs.


Diversified Fall Protection’s EZ Ladder Guard solves all of the problems associated with door style ladder guards.   Fabricated from a sheet of corrosion resistant 5012 aluminum, our access ladder guard features a bend at the top that allows you to hang the unit from a rung.

Installation is fast and easy, three-step process; use the handle to lift the EZ Guard, hang the unit from the desired rung, and lock in place.  


In addition to fast and safe installation, the aluminum construction of the EZ Ladder Guard translates to years of corrosion resistance and long service life. Protect your roof access ladders with the lightest, longest-lasting, and fastest installing solution on the market—the EZ Ladder Guard from Diversified Fall Protection.  To learn more, or order online, visit our ladder guard page, or contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.

 Downloadable Ladder Guard Brochure