PUC Rooftop Support Bases

Rooftop pipes, electrical conduit, and HVAC ductwork may seem to have little in common other than their location, but each system requires a support system for safe operation.  In some instances, Rooftop Support Systems are used to dampen vibrations and prevent damage to the roof. Rooftop Support Systems are also used to suspend equipment above standing water and accommodate rooftop elevation changes.  Regardless of the application, all rooftop support systems share one thing in common: bases.

Bases used in the fabrication of rooftop support systems are not unlike the foundation of a house or building.  The base provides the connection with the roof surface, so the first rule of thumb when constructing a rooftop support system is selecting a base that does not cause premature wearing or actual penetration of the roofing substrate.

puc hero shot

The PUC is the “foundation” for many of our most popular pre-engineered rooftop support systems.  Secure and non-penetrating, the PUC is a round rubber base manufactured from 100% recycled rubber crumb material to improve the LEED rating of your project.  The PUC is safe for use with all roofing materials (e.g., rubber membrane, EPDM, standing seam metal, gravel, and concrete) and supports loads up to 1600 pounds.  Versatile and easy to install, the PUC is an ideal base for a number of rooftop support applications, including:

  • Gas, Refrigeration, and Steam Pipes
  • PVC and Steel Conduit for Electrical Applications
  • Cable Trays
  • HVAC Equipment and Duct Work
  • Solar Panel Bases
  • Rooftop Walkway Bases
PUC with pipe roller
Below are some common PUC part numbers and their respective applications: The RTSPUC1R 1-5/8” channel roller support is designed for use with gas and mechanical pipelines.    Additional gas and mechanical pipeline support bases available from Unistrut Service Company include:

hvac puc 

By using more than one PUC at each support point, you can create an elevated base that dissipates the weight applied to the roof over a larger area.  The RTSDSFS14  and the RTSDSFS18 Rooftop HVAC Duct Supports are good examples of how to use a two PUC configuration to protect the roof and prevent leaks. Although one and two PUC base configurations are most common, there are instances where we use multiple bases too.

 equipment dunnage puc

The RTSPUCGR Rooftop Equipment Dunnage Support System uses four PUC-style rubber bases to create a square or rectangle capable of supporting loads up to 1600 pounds.  Again, by using multiple bases, we can spread the load over a larger area to prevent penetrations and leaks. Although the support systems shown above serve different purposes, each configuration of infinitely adjustable Unistrut framing channel and hardware rests securely on the shoulders of the hard-working PUC rooftop support base. If you are looking for an eco-friendly, UV and weather-resistant rooftop support base to offers years of reliable service, insist on the PUC from Unistrut Service Company. Please check back in our Tech Talk area in the coming months to learn about additional rooftop support bases and systems available from Unistrut Service Company. To learn more about the PUC and its structural capabilities, to place an order, or for additional assistance with your application, contact Unistrut Service Company today.