Unistrut CPGE55 Cable Drape Rail for GE X-Ray Systems

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CPGE55 Cable Drape Kit

Periodically, contractors and installers of GE medical equipment see drawing references to a cable drape rail designated as part number CPGE55.  This part is designed to hold x-ray system and cath-lab cables off the ground while the tube crane slides across the rails. When CPGE55 comes up in conversation, we are typically hearing from a frustrated contractor who cannot locate this cryptic and elusive part number in the Unistrut catalog. If this scenario sounds familiar, you are not alone - it frequently happens.  In this case, the part number is correct, but you will not find it in the Unistrut Catalog.  The good news is that even though you will not find CPGE55 in our catalog, you have come to the right place.

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CPGE55 comes as a complete kit from Unistrut Service Company.  The kit consists of 20 feet of trolley rail, five trollies, end stops and attachment hardware. Though this is our most common configuration, we can cut to any length and/or increase/decrease the trolley count as needed. Typically, painting is done in the field to prevent damage in transit.  CPGE55 Cable Drape Rail installs with simple hand tools and ½” bolts.  The Unistrut Channel Socket is an ideal tool for this type of installation. Here are additional resources that may help with the installation of overhead medical equipment:

  finished cable drape rail

Whether you are searching for a CPGE55 Cable Drape Rail or assistance with an overhead support system for an engineered medical application, we can help.  Unistrut Service Company Engineers have years of experience designing and installing overhead support systems for X-Ray Machines, LED Monitors, Service Columns, Microscopes, Surgical Lighting, Gas Columns, and so much more.  Put our shared knowledge base to work for you - contact Unistrut Service Company today for further assistance.To buy the Channel Socket referenced above, contact Unistrut Service Company or shop online: