Rule the Roof: Rooftop Solutions from Unistrut Service Company

Since we first opened our doors in 1940, our customers have relied on Unistrut Service Company for a wide range of solutions for rooftop applications.  In this post, we will look at a handful of ways our products and services make short work of even the most challenging roof applications.

Rooftop Support Systems
The typical commercial or industrial building has no shortage of HVAC and other mechanical equipment that needs to be raised above the roof deck.  For these applications, we offer a trio of unique support system bases designed to save on installation time.

The ZSI Cush-A Block is a non-penetrating, UV resistant support base manufactured from recycled rubber and rated for a maximum uniform load of 2,500 lbs. The base features two threaded holes that are used to secure channel to the top of the block.  Common applications for the ZSI Cush-A Block include pipe and conduit support, rooftop walkways, and crossovers. 


For rooftop applications requiring a bolted connection to a concrete deck, or steel below the roof deck, we offer RSM001 Rigid Stand Mount.  The RSM001 features a square tube receiver designed to accept 1-5/8” channel such as Unistrut P1000.  Cold galvanized or powder coated finish ensures that the channel telescopes with ease inside the square tube receiver.



Wind Load Rated HVAC Duct Supports
In windy or hurricane prone portions of the country, stricter building code provisions mean that HVAC contractors need to support rooftop duct work with wind load rated support systems.  Unistrut Service Company can engineer HVAC duct support systems  for demanding applications that require significant wind load ratings. The concrete base design eliminates most but not all roof penetrations and the need to attach vertical support members to steel beneath the roof deck at each intermediate support.  The horizontal support member is quickly and easily field adjusted during installation to achieve the proper height. Thanks to our in-house PE capabilities, we can also provide a complete calc package and PE stamp service for your HVAC duct support system for a nominal charge.

Rooftop Walkways
Unistrut Service Company also specializes in standard and custom rooftop walkways designed to provide a level, non-skid walking surface for employees and contractors while preventing excessive foot traffic that can cause roof leaks. We offer non-penetrating walkways for use with all roofing materials, including built up, EPDM, TPO, standing seam and corrugated roofs.


Crossover Stairs are an ideal solution to create safe access for employees and contractors needing to traverse parapet walls, duct work, and pipes and other rooftop equipment.  Each part number comes in kit form to reduce shipping costs and to reduce load on your roof. Stair treads are made from heavy duty, slip resistant grating. 

S-5! Clamps and Snow Retention Systems
When it comes to standing seam and corrugated metal roofing, Unistrut Service Company also provides a complete line of S-5! standing seam roof attachment clamps, PV solar kits, and snow guard systems. S-5! clamps utilize set screws to safely attach ancillary items such as HVAC equipment, conduit, satellite dishes, roof walkways,  conduit, and more to standing seam roofs without making any penetrations that can void your roof warranty—or create leaks.  S-5! products are application specific, meaning you’ll find a clamp specifically designed for your exact make and model of metal roof.  In addition, each attachment clamp, solar panel mount, and snow retention system is backed by lab testing and years of reliable field service. 

Warning Lines
We also offer products to keep your employees and contractors safe while performing rooftop maintenance, inspection, and repair.  For temporary and infrequently accessed work areas at least six feet but less than fifteen feet from the leading edge, OSHA regulations allow for the creation of a designated work area delineated by a warning line system such as our Gen2 Rooftop Warning Line System


The Gen2 Warning Line System features tip proof concrete bases to withstand high winds, galvanized stanchion posts and fittings, and heavy duty, UV-resistant, molded plastic warning flags for extended service life. 

Guardrail and Safety Railing
For added protection or applications that take workers closer to the roof’s edge, we offer non-penetrating, weighted base guardrail for OSHA roof safety regulations.  Available with a powder coated safety yellow or galvanized finish in six, eight, and ten foot sections, you can create a safe work zone for rooftop equipment or protect the entire perimeter of the roof.  All roof guardrail offered by Unistrut Service Company  is OSHA 1910 and 1926 compliant, and most powder coat yellow guardrail orders ship from stock within several business days.

Parting Thoughts
This post highlighted just a few of our solutions designed to make your team more productive and safer when working on rooftops.  We’ve invested much effort into creating a collection of rooftop solutions designed to help your company—and your employees—rule the roof.   For more information or further assistance with rooftop applications, contact Unistrut Service Company, and we’ll show you how and why we are better by design!