Unistrut Seismic Bracing Solutions

Most people know the Unistrut name because it is a go-to resource for Engineers, Contractors, Specifiers, and others. What some don’t know is that we are a global leader in seismic bracing solutions.

 With decades of experience with real-world applications in severe seismic zones, we provide world-class products and solutions for seismic applications. Alongside compliance with international building codes, we also meet the California Building Code and ASCE Standards. Our strong legacy also includes OSHPD OPA and OPM approvals and Structural Engineer approvals.  Backed by an NQA-1 quality program designed for the Nuclear industry, our strict quality standards ensure that our products will perform as expected. Our dedication to technical excellence, national distribution, and product versatility make us the top choice in the seismic bracing industry.

Stringent seismic building codes are typically associated with the west coast, Hawaii, and Alaska, but as the map below shows, significant seismic zones also exist east of the Mississippi. 

Unistrut seismic bracing is an easy-to-use solution. The versatility of our seismic bracing can apply to use with pipe, conduit, tube, cable tray, ductwork and more. These solutions also offer convenience as Unistrut products are commonly already on the job site. The simple design and new products reduce material and installation costs, ultimately saving you money.

To get started creating simple, cost-effective seismic bracing solutions with Unistrut, we recommend downloading these helpful pdf’s:

Seismic Bracing Systems (OPM-0295-13)

Seismic Bracing Applications

Although OSHPD’s OPM for Unistrut’s seismic bracing is specific to California, OSHPD is considered the gold standard in seismic solutions nationwide.  Put another way, the solutions detailed in the PDF’s above are recognized in other markets as safe and effective.

We will be adding to products to a new Seismic section in the coming weeks, but if you have pricing and lead time questions about specific seismic fittings, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.