Slotted Unistrut Channel for 5/8” Threaded Rod

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When attaching a 5/8” threaded rod to slotted strut like P1000T, you have to drill at every attachment point since the 9/16” slots are not large enough to accommodate 5/8” threaded rod. This process needs to be repeated on every piece of strut and often in awkward places, resulting in longer project installations. With the larger slots found on P1000WT you can work smarter, not harder. Often called wide t-slot by folks in the trades, P1000WT is ideal for data centers and heavy duty supports as well as a number of other applications.


“WT” slotted strut eliminates drilling completely for 5/8” threaded rod or fastener applications. Doing away with drilling will save time and your drill. Drilling requires setup, tools, safety precautions, labor, time and wear on your drill, whereas Unistrut WT eliminates the need for drilling entirely.


The benefits of the “WT” strut include:

  •          Sized for a 5/8” threaded rod or fastener
  •          Available with any 1-5/8” strut profile
  •          Available with all metallic materials and finishes
  •          Allowable loads: multiply catalog loads for strut by 85%

In addition to our WT option, we have slotted channel available for the most common sized threaded rod and fasteners:

To order the WT slotted option, just add “WT” piercing suffix to the strut part number, ex: P1000WT 10PG. To learn more about our slotted channel options you can contact one of our sales representatives today.