We Stay Late, So You Don’t Have To…

If you have upcoming bids or awarded jobs with project scopes that include medical support structures, roof walkways, access platforms, or ceiling grids, we can help.

Construction professionals take advantage of Unistrut Service Company’s Design and Material Program because it saves time. By working with a metal framing system that features infinite adjustability…and a team of estimators and designers that specialize in Unistrut, your projects have the best chance of staying on schedule…and on budget.  Best of all, you can focus on your organization’s core competencies and leave the heavy lifting to us.

How Unistrut DM Works – 3 Easy Steps to Project Success

· Send bid documents, including relevant structural and architectural drawings to bidinvites@UnistrutOhio.com.

· Our team will review the project scope and schedule a phone call to discuss your project and clarify any questions

· The DM estimating team will provide a detailed quote to provide engineering services, including shop drawings and PE stamp (if applicable), and all of the materials required to complete your project. 

Our Design and Material service provides custom solutions for new and existing structures while adhering to safety regulations, building codes, and industry best practices. DM is especially well suited for:

  •          Medical Equipment Support Structures
  •          HVAC Duct Support Systems
  •          Roof Walkways and Work Platforms
  •          Ladders, Rooftop Crossovers, and Stair Systems
  •          Ceiling Grids
  •          Mezzanines and Catwalks

To learn more about DM, or request help with an application, send an e-mail to bidinvites@UnistrutOhio.com, or give us a call at 855-923-2611.