Three Reasons To Stop Ordering Stock Length Channel

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Folks who routinely work with Unistrut channel know that our strut comes in 10' and 20' lengths.  Most of the channel RFQ's that come our way each day specify 10 or 20 foot sections, but are stock lengths really the way to go?

Depending on your project, it may make sense to order your Unistrut channel in traditional, stock lengths, but here are three reasons why cut-to-length may be the smarter play.

Labor Savings

If your labor forced consists of highly skilled fabricators and installers, you may be asking one of your team members to perform a task that is way below his pay grade.  Keep your fabricators and installers busy with high value activities and let us cut the material for you.  Depending on the prevailing wages in your shop, you can realize labor savings of 50% or more by outsourcing this step in the production process.

Time Savings

OEM work and larger construction projects always seem to come with lots of saw work.  In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that the odds of you needing stock length channel is next to nil.  Why slow down your processes when  we can program our production saw to run your job, and ship every required section of channel to your dock ready to go?

Freight Savings

Shipping long lengths of channel via LTL isn’t cheap.  The length of the bundle of channel is the primary cost driver on most LTL shipments.  Take that same bundle of P1000 channel, cut it to length, palletize the material, and you’ll realize major cost savings.  If you really need full, 10″ or 20′ sections because your project requires long, continuous runs of channel, you can’t get around the LTL company’s up-charge based on length.  That said, our years of experience working with Unistrut has taught us that the vast majority of projects are better suited for cut-to-length channel.

Remember, when sourcing Unistrut channel, you need to take into consideration cost per foot PLUS freight.  We can work with you to reduce your shipping costs to get the best delivered price for your Unistrut channel.  Are you ready to leverage the resources in our service center?  If so, contact the strut experts at Unistrut Service Company for further assistance today!