Unistrut Tool Tips: The Channel Socket

The whole point of Unistrut is building better structures in less time.  Most of our Tech Talk articles focus on installations or the strut, fittings, clamps, and specialty hardware found in the Unistrut Engineering Catalog, but in this post, we are switching gears and talking tools.  

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Have you ever tried to tighten a 1/2" bolt inside a section of P1000T slotted channel?  Using a hand wrench is a slow go.  Socket wrenches are faster, but a traditional 3/4"  socket doesn't fit inside the channel.  Sadness.....We do a decent number of our own installations and used to struggle with the same problem.  Our crews face the same job pressures as yours--we are constantly searching for ways to do things faster to stay competitive in our market.  Sometimes greater efficiency is about having the right tools for the job.  Getting back to tightening bolts inside channel--we have a great tool tip called the Channel Socket. Specifically designed for “T” series slotted channels (P1000T, P5500T, P1001T, P5000T, etc), the Channel Socket's size and shape give access to bolts inside the channel and eliminates the need for custom fabricated sockets or fighting with hand wrenches in tight spaces.  The Channel Socket is available in two sizes and works with 1-5/8", 2-7/16", and 3-1/4" deep channels:

The fastest way to get a channel socket is to click on one of the links above and order online.  Or, if you'd rather place an order direct, give us a call at 1-800-686-7303 and we'll ship directly from our Cleveland warehouse.  These time-saving tools are so good that none of our installation crews ever leave the building without them. We'd like to think that all of our Tech Talk Blog readers will click on the links above or call us to order a Channel Socket, but some folks need persuasion to try new tricks.  If you have sworn off any new tool purchases for now, we are giving you a chance to win a Channel Socket.  

Here's how you can enter a contest to win your own Channel Socket: Use our contact us form and send us a note.  In the text box simply write, "Hey Tech Talk guy, enter me in the contest."  Then use the upload file button to include a picture of something you built using Unistrut.  At the end of the month, we'll pick a winner and the Tech Talk guy will contact you for shipping details.  Good luck!