How Unistrut Helps With Faster Project Turn Times

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At Unistrut Service Company, we are no strangers to projects requiring exceptional strength and tight tolerances, but we also recognize the need to complete jobs quickly.  The need for speed in the building world is a reality, and when the pressure is on, eliminating the welding, cutting, and drilling associated with structural steel fabrication is a definite plus.  Unistrut Service Company's recent contributions to a casino renovation demonstrate how combining the proper materials with expertly appointed engineers, project management, and product specialists can yield a successful installation in record time.

 One of the owners of a local casino had a huge problem on his hands.  His establishment was hosting an important upcoming event, and his facility was horribly out of date.  In particular, there was an area of the casino that featured an entire wall of outdated crt tube style televisions of varying makes, models, and colors.  To add insult to injury, many of the TV’s were no longer functioning.  In order to prepare for their upcoming event, Unistrut Service Company rolled up our sleeves and sprang into action.

Casino before and after installation- Unistrut

Before Unistrut Installation (Left) - After Unistrut Installation (Right)

Arrow Illustrates Installation

After removing all of the old television monitors, we inspected the old support system and found that some of Unistrut channel we installed back in the 80’s was still usable.  We then constructed a new support grid that combined some of the older material with Unistrut P1000T, P2785, P1068, and P1000 channel.  We also used Unistrut P2785 clamps to attach the strut to the columns and purlins overhead, and secured over 150 television monitors to the support structure using heavy-duty TV mounting brackets.  We completed our work in three days, which gave ample time for the installation of new carpeting, painting, and installation of the new flat screen television monitors. Nobody likes taking on rush jobs, but in the contractor world, expedited projects are a fact of life.  When your company has a need for speed, remember to use genuine Unistrut framing channel, and if you need help with design and installation, do not hesitate to call.