Unistrut for Retail and Residential Applications

Most of our application-based Tech Talk articles describe rooftop walkways, medical support systems, catwalks and mezzanines, but the versatility engineered into each section of Unistrut makes our channel ideal for so-called non-traditional applications too.  Infinite length and height adjustability, minimal cutting and welding, and hand wrench assembly—commonly cited benefits associated with Unistrut—carry over to both traditional and “non-traditional” applications.  In fact, that’s the appeal of Unistrut.  Our strut’s ease of use and installation makes fast work of countless projects.  We are fond of saying, “If you can imagine it, you can build it with Unistrut.”    Below are just a few examples of innovative projects completed with common Unistrut materials.

Unistrut framing channel is designed to stand up to even the most demanding industrial and medical applications, but our strut is equally at home in a retail setting.  The picture below illustrates an overhead grid (P1000 with P3300) used to support lighting and shelving in a popular, nationally known retailer’s store.  The finished installation has a contemporary look that complements our client’s brand.


Have you ever noticed the large price tags associated with simple looking contemporary home furnishings?  End tables are case in point.  There isn't that much that goes into the construction of a simple end table, and yet, most furniture stores want hundreds of dollars for an end table you can build on your own.  Constructed from Unistrut Prime Angle PA158 and stained plywood, the functional end tables are shown below will offer years of reliable service and add an appropriate touch to a studio loft.


Many folks are guilty of taking the office home at the end of the day, but this isn’t always a bad thing.  Architects familiar with Unistrut materials often find creative ways to incorporate our strut into their homes too.  The picture below shows deck and stair railings fabricated using P1000 and plated glass, with the posts and uprights constructed from P5500.  The resulting structure protects the leading edges while offering a buffer from winds that are common in the area.


These are just a few examples showcasing Unistrut’s use to achieve a highly functional and contemporary feel, both at work and in the home.  The design attributes that make Unistrut ideally suited for industrial and medical projects requiring strength and precision make this innovative building material a perfect fit for contemporary retail and architectural applications too.  If you have recently completed a project with Unistrut Channel and would like to share your success with our readers, contact Unistrut Service Company, and we’ll gladly share your details.