Unistrut Framing Channel For Medical Support Structures

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Unistrut Framing Channel is specified and used for a wide range of medical and hospital applications, including over head X-Ray machine supports for radiology rooms, supports for operating room lights, monitors, service booms and medical gas columns, and CRT monitor supports.  The bolt-together design of Unistrut medical support systems allows for installations to be completed with standard hand tools thereby eliminating the need for special jobsite welding accommodations or the cutting of structural steel.  With this said, it is important to specify and utilize genuine Unistrut framing channel instead of inexpensive knock-off materials of an unknown origin which can fail when subjected to significant load pressures.

The picture shown below illustrates what can happen when contractors do not install Unistrut framing channel specified in project prints.  The support structure in this Radiology Room was built using “non Unistrut” materials. If you look closely, the channel crushed under load.

Damaged Generic Knock Off Framing Strut

Unistrut Service Company actually bid on this project but the job was awarded to another contractor.  Our engineers were asked to troubleshoot the structure when the client noticed movement with the equipment. We removed the defective generic channel, designed a proper system using Unistrut P1001 and P3301, and fixed the customers problem.  We were also able to properly level the system, and remove the shims that were installed by the other contractor when attempting to install the support structure.

Our customer learned that even though low-cost, knock off strut may "look" like our products, it will not perform like genuine Unistrut framing channel.  They also came to appreciate our expert fabrication and installation capabilities too.  It may be tempting to award contracts strictly on the basis of cost, but if a bid comes in at an extremely low price point, there may be trouble ahead.  This why you need Unistrut Ohio at the BEGINNING of your project.

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