United Interlock Grating: Rooftop Walkway Applications

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This installation shows a rooftop service walkway fabricated from United Interlock Grating part numbers 11282 and 12282.  Rooftop walkways are often used by building trades to service equipment without damaging the roof's surface.

This permanent installation is 200’ long anti-skid surface starts with a ramp out of an elevator and has small runs off the main path to allow the service crews to bring materials with them without making 10 runs back to the elevator.   The Unistrut grating shown is 18 gauge, 2-1/2" tall, 6’ wide, and features a weather and UV resistant base with strut already assembled onto it, which simplified the installation.

Interlock Grating Surface Options

United Interlock grating comes in two standard surfaces:  slotted/smooth and anti-skid. Anti-skid is typically specified when safe walking conditions are important. Dieformed teeth in the transverse ribs offer 360° of shoe-gripping traction even when the grating is wet, oily, muddy, or icy. United Interlock Grating is available in a variety of zinc coatings:

  • Pre-Galvanized Zinc (PG)
  • Electroplated (EG)
  • Perma-Gold (ZD)
  • Hot Dipped

Load Deflection Table

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