Unistrut Pipe Clamps For Steel Conduit and Electrical Applications

When most folks hear the name Unistrut, they think channel or strut.  They may even be thinking 1-5/8” P1000, which is one of the most commonly specified part numbers found in the Unistrut catalog.  While channel is an important component of any Unistrut project, fittings, hardware, and clamps are important too.  If you carefully study the pages of your Unistrut Engineering Catalog, you will see an impressive list of clamps, but the most commonly specified clamps are P1109 through P1126.  These clamps are designed to support rigid steel conduit from 1-5/8” Unistrut Channel…..the “bread and butter” components that electricians use.

Included below is a specifying chart that offers some basic information including conduit size, O.D., and load information for Unistrut Pipe and Conduit Clamps.Unistrut Pipe and Conduit Clamps

In addition to these part numbers, we offer a complete line of Unistrut clamps, including but not limited to:

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