Unistrut Service Company's new website and branding

Unistrut Service Company's new website and branding

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website and updated brand! Over the years, Unistrut Service Company has been continuously dedicated to ensuring an easy, hassle-free customer experience. While our previous website was perfectly functional, we knew that we could improve several aspects to make the ordering process easier than ever for our awesome customers.

Firstly, we wanted to improve the navigation of the site. We wanted it to be easy and intuitive to find the product that you’re looking for, whether that’s through the menu or through the search functionality. To that end we overhauled both the menus, which go to a much deeper product level than before, and the search, which now instantly shows products as you type as well as other site pages and blog posts.

The product pages have been overhauled as well, with new high-resolution 3D renderings of all Unistrut products and updated photography for many of our other products. We also added a highly requested feature – the ability to build out custom quotes for high quantities or complex combinations of products. With this new “add to quote” button, any product on our site can be added to a custom quote request which gets sent directly to our estimating team, who will get back to you with your custom quote ASAP!

The new site is also faster than ever, ensuring that you’re not spending your time waiting for pages to load. We’ve focused on mobile usability so that it’s easy to use on a smart phone, and there are many other small changes that we hope makes ordering from Unistrut Service Company and easy and pleasurable experience!

With the launch of the new site we also launched our new brand & logo. The new branding is more unique and memorable than before and lends itself to a site design that is cleaner and more modern, allowing users to enjoy a site that’s more visually appealing and intuitive to use than before.

We’re happy to accept your feedback on the new site! If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message and we’ll address it immediately! We hope you enjoy this new experience, and thank you as always for your business!