Unistrut Splice Kits

The textbook definition for the word “splice” is to join two separate members by connecting their ends together.  From time to time, we get questions about splicing sections of Unistrut channel together, so we figure this topic might be helpful for our TechTalk readers.

Before we go any further, we should talk about why you might want to learn how to splice sections of Unistrut channel.  In some cases, folks need to make a 20-foot section of the channel from two ten foot sections.   In other situations, you might want to join a five-foot section with a leftover 3-foot piece of strut to make an 8-foot section of the channel.  From a load rating standpoint, it is always best to use a single piece of channel for maximum strength.  If you need a 20-foot section of strut, you’ll get best results from a continuous section of the channel.  If you need an 8-foot section, common sense tells us that we should remove 2 feet from a 10-foot piece of strut.  That said, there are always situations where you’ll be tempted to use a splice.  When these circumstances arise, you will want to use a genuine Unistrut splice kit for best results.

One of the more common ways to splice or join sections of P1000 is using the Unistrut P1377 splice kit.  The picture below shows a P1377 Splice on P1000 with the slot down.P1377 Splice Kit Channel Down 

Here is the engineering data for this type of connection:

P1377 Splice Kit Channel Down Engineering Data

Below, we show a P1377 splice with the slot up:

Unistrut P1377 Splice Kit Slot UpUnistrut P1377 Splice Kit Slot Up Engineering Data

The picture below illustrates a P1377 Splice with P1001 (Back-to-Back) Channel:

Unistrut P1377 Splice kit With P1001Unistrut P1377 Splice Kit with P1001 Engineering Data

Splicing sections of Unistrut P1000 or P1001 is fast and easy when you use genuine Unistrut parts such as the P1377 splice kit.  Remember, it is always best to use a continuous piece of channel that is an appropriate length for your application, but if you need to make a splice connection, use genuine Unistrut parts for best results.  If you have questions, need pricing information, or wish to order for P1377 or another splice kit found in the Unistrut Catalog, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.