Technical Load Data for Unistrut P2558 Clamps

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One of our ongoing goals is providing the most comprehensive collection of technical data on Unistrut products available on the web.  Earlier this month, we received a question from a client regarding allowable loads in vertical and lateral axes for Unistrut P2558-05 through P2558-40.  Our client correctly noted the Unistrut Engineering Catalog specified design loads only in the vertical direction, and he wondered about allowable loads in the lateral direction.

For starters, we want to thank our client for the question.  We get asked about this often, and we too wish the Unistrut Catalog offered more clarity here.  Below, we illustrate the load information for Unistrut P2558 Clamps.  We also offer this information in PDF format, and you’ll find a link to this information in our PDF Library.P2558 Pipe Clamp Load Data Unistrut P2558 Load Data

 If you are searching for technical data about Unistrut products, send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be glad to offer assistance.  If your inquiry is a common question, we may even feature our answer in an upcoming edition of Tech Talk.