Unistrut Trolleys

One of the advantages of Unistrut is that we offer a complete system. To drive this point home, we are dedicating this Tech Talk post to the trolley components found in the Unistrut Engineering Catalog. Armed with the right product knowledge, you can design and build your own trolley system in just a few simple steps. 

Unistrut Service Company's overhead trolley systems consist of three essential components: trolleys, tracks (solid or slotted 1-5/8" channel), and supports. Unistrut manufactures two trolley supports and five trolley configurations with load capacities ranging from 10 to 600 pounds, as shown below:

Unistrut P1834

Unistrut P1834 is an intermediate support hanger bracket shown above is designed for use with all 1-5/8" channel. The larger version of this part, Unistrut P1834A, is shown below.

Unistrut P1834A

In addition to selecting your strut and hanger brackets, you'll also need to select a trolley assembly to complete your project. Unistrut offers trolleys in a variety of configurations to meet your specific requirements. The Unistrut P2749 trolley shown below is our light-duty, two-wheel trolley assembly designed for use applications with light loading requirements. Note that all of the trolley assemblies shown in this post are compatible with P1000, P1001, P5000, P5001, P5500, P5001, and all 1-5/8" or taller strut.

Unistrut P2749

The other two-wheel trolley assembly found in our catalog is Unistrut P2949, which is shown below. All of the Unistrut trolley assemblies described in this post feature stainless steel wheel bearings, so they never require lubrication.

Unistrut P2949

In addition to two-wheel trolley assemblies, Unistrut also offers four-wheel trolleys for heavier applications. If you are looking for a lighter-duty 4 wheel trolley, consider either the Unistrut P2750 or the loop style P2751-EG shown below. All of our 4 wheel trolleys are compatible with P1000, P1001, P5000, P5001, P5500, P5501, and all 1-5/8" or taller strut.

Unistrut P2750Unistrut P2751

The Unistrut P2950 assembly shown below is an electro-galvanized, heavy-duty 4-wheel trolley. Designed for the most demanding applications, the P2950 moves equipment and material down a section of track with ease.

  Unistrut P2950

If you are looking for small quantities of trolley parts, consider clicking the hypertext links in this post, and you'll be taken to our online store where you can place your needed items in a shopping cart and check out by paying with a credit card. For pricing on larger quantities, or to purchase trolley assemblies using a PO, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.

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