Download Specifications for Unistrut Medical Equipment Support Systems

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Unistrut is ideal for medical support structures, but many folks are curious when it comes to specifications.  If you are an architect, engineer, or contractor in the early stages of a medical construction project, and you need specifications for an engineered support structure, we can help. 

Medical Equipment Specifications - Support Systems

Does your upcoming project require support structures for lighting, gas columns, booms, catheterization equipment, or radiology equipment? 

If the answer is yes, you’ll need specifications to ensure your installation is safe, and the equipment performs properly. Improperly mounting heavy diagnostic imaging equipment and lighting overhead can have disastrous results that range from inaccurate test results and blurry x-rays to a catastrophic failure that could see thousands of pounds of expensive equipment crashing to the ground. 

To avoid these situations, we have posted our specifications for medical support systems  on our website.  The specs can be found in the PDF Library section of our website and via this direct link.

Engineered Medical Support Structure

Are you looking for more help than a complete set of specifications for your overhead support system?  If so, Unistrut Service Company can design, fabricate and install overhead structural supports for demanding hospital, medical center, or out-patient clinic applications requiring stringent design criteria and precise tolerances.   From CT room injectors to heavy-service booms that must comply with seismic regulations, Unistrut Service Company provides turnkey solutions for all your medical support structure requirements. To discuss your project or learn more about our capabilities, contact Unistrut Service Company for additional information.