What’s the Difference Between a S-5-U and a S-5-V Clamp?

One of the most common S-5 questions we field concerns the basic differences between the S-5-U versus the S-5-V clamp. Both clamps are so-called “universal” options designed to fit the vast majority of standing seam profile roofs manufactured in North America, including most structural & architectural profiles. The S-5-U is one of the original clamps in the S-5! product family, while the S-5-V is a newer and more cost-effective “universal” clamp option that fits many of the seam profiles as the older, S-5-U clamp.

Typical applications for S-5-U and the S-5-V clamps include:

  • Snow Retention
  • Wind
  • Fall protection
  • HVAC/Rooftop
  • Satellite Dishes/ Antennas
  • Walkways
  • Pipes/Conduits
  • Signs/Banners
  • Roof Walls

Additionally, both clamps are available in miniature sizes for less demanding load applications. The mini S-5-U and mini S-5-V clamps are shorter than the standard sizes and include one set screw instead of two, making them more cost-effective than their heavy-duty, full size U and V counterparts.

Despite the fact that all of these “universal” clamps share a somewhat similar appearance, upon close examination, you’ll notice some key differences. S-5-U’s and S-5-V’s use different bolt patterns, and despite the “universal” tag associated with these clamps, a V clamp won’t fit as many seam patterns as the U clamp.

S-5-U and S-5-U Mini Clamps

The S-5-U clamp can be used on vertically-oriented seams and, by rotating the clamp 90 degrees, it can also be used on most horizontal 2” seam profiles. Note that the U clamp has two M8 bolt holes, one on top and one on the side of the clamp, while the Mini S-5-U has one M8 bolt hole centered on the top and side wall of the clamp.

S-5-U clamps

The next illustration below shows how the S-5-U is used on horizontal and vertical seams:

Illustration of how S-5-U clamps are use on horizontal and vertical seams.

Below you’ll find illustrations of seam profiles that are compatible with the S-5-U and S-5-U Mini.

Profiles of S-5-U clamps

s-5-U clamp profiles

S-5-V and S-5-V Mini Clamps

Below is a side-by-side drawing of the S-5-V clamp and the S-5-V Mini. Unlike the S-5-U and U-Mini, which feature one bolt on the top and side of the clamp, the S-5-V clamp has two M8-1.25 x 16.00mm bolt holes on the top of the clamp while the Mini V clamp has just one bolt opening centered on the top of the part.

S-5-V clamps

In addition to having different bolt patterns, the S-5-V and S-5-V Mini fit some but not all the same seam profiles as the S-5-U as shown below:

Profiles of S-5-V clamps

If you have an application that calls for safely securing rooftop equipment to a standing seam roof, don’t accept knock-off imitations—insist on genuine S-5! clamps from the company that invented this technology over 25 years ago. Each clamp in the S-5! product family is designed to match specific roof seam profiles, material types, and gauges—and each product is backed by independent laboratory pull tests to ensure your rooftop equipment can stand up to the forces of gravity, wind updraft, and more.

To learn more about S-5! Clamps, including how to select the right clamp for your application or to place an order online, visit our S-5! Clamps page online, or contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.