Prefabricated Trapeze Systems from Unistrut Service Company

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 Unistrut Service Company prefabricates and kits trapeze systems to save contractors time and money. During a recent time study, a contractor using a prefabricated solution saved 6.5 minutes per trapeze assembly. Check out the below scenario to get a clear picture:

Job Scenario: A project requires 700 trapeze systems. A typical installation takes a contractor around 6 minutes to install. If you use prefabricated assemblies from Unistrut Service Company, you’ll save 70 hours of labor!

Prefabricated trapeze systems are optimized for a short lead-time and a competitive price.  Systems are shipped from our Cleveland, OH facility.

Ordering is simple when you use our order form. This form also details our common, stock options that can be built with the shortest lead-time.

If you are interested in saving time and money and would like us to prefabricate your trapezes system, please contact us.