Building a Workbench with Unistrut

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By combining a bit of imagination with common materials and simple hand tools, you can make just about anything with Unistrut Products.  Each month, we post pictures of projects featuring Unistrut channel and fittings to illustrate ease of use and offer up ideas showing how you can build nearly anything with Unistrut Products.  One of the easier Unistrut DIY projects is constructing a workbench.  The end result is a sturdy yet adjustable work surface that is easily modified to meet changing space constraints and storage needs in your shop. 

One of the great parts about working with Unistrut is the material’s infinite adjustability and strength.  During the design phase, or after your workbench is completed, you can easily change the width, height, or length by selecting a different length of Unistrut channel.  Since the workbench is held together with Unistrut channel nuts and Unistrut fittings rather than welded in place, modifying any section of the workbench is as simple as using a hand wrench to loosen and re-tighten the connections attaching the structural members.  The finished product will also feature the strength of welded construction without the mess and fuss.  Unistrut Service Company offers all the channel, fittings, and related hardware needed to build a sturdy workbench that will last for ages.  Here are some sample pictures showing work benches built with Unistrut Products. The picture below illustrates a workbench/material storage cart with casters constructed from Unistrut P1000 channel and P1028 fittings.

Unistrut Retail - Workbench (1)

Below, we are showing a three-sided workbench that features Unistrut P4101 channel, Unistrut P1028 fittings and a ¾ inch economical plywood top.  In some instances, customers opt for plate steel instead of plywood for a sturdier top section.

Unistrut Retail - Workbench (2) Unistrut Retail - Workbench (3)

If you would like to share pictures of a project completed with Unistrut Products, feel free to send them and we will include your masterpiece in an upcoming edition of TechTalk.