Unistrut Trolley Systems

Moving items on wheels is an idea as old as time itself.  By combining rolling carriages with an overhead track system, we can take the wheel concept a step further creating a trolley system.  Trollies are common in industrial settings to facilitate the free movement of pneumatic air-hoses and die transport.  Trolley systems are also utilized to create moveable dividers, welding curtains, rolling doors, and more. If you are contemplating building a trolley system but seem overwhelmed by the available options, look no further than your Unistrut General Engineering Catalog.

Unistrut Service Company’s overhead trolley systems consist of three basic components:  trolleys, tracks, and supports.  Unistrut Trolley Assemblies feature stainless steel bearings, and steel or acetyl wheels for smooth, maintenance-free operation and long service life.  Unistrut manufactures five trolley configurations in varying height with load capacities ranging from 10 to 600 pounds.

die handling trollley system

Unistrut Trolley Track comes in standard 20-foot sections that can be cut to custom lengths to meet project requirements, with longer sections and curved track sections available on special order.  Unistrut also offers special fittings to suspend the system while keeping the track interior obstruction free.  A complete line of easy-to-use supports and beam clamps makes trolley installation a snap.

trolley example 2

Specialty Trolley Systems

Last month, we did a post on Unistrut CPGE55 Cable Drape Rail for GE X-Ray Systems.  If you have ever had an X-Ray taken, you may have been very close to a specialized Unistrut Trolley System without knowing it.  This system uses the same basic principles outlined above—a rigid track made from Unistrut channel and a sliding, wheel based carriage system allows the cables to move freely as a technician positions imaging equipment to take an X-Ray.

finished cable drape rail

Our sister company, Diversified Fall Protection, uses the same concept to create rigid rail, trolley-based fall protection systems.  It is important to note that the trolley systems featured in the Unistrut Catalog are not designed for fall protection applications.  In order to ensure worker safety, the trolley needs to sustain much heavier loads than those specified with the Unistrut Trolleys found in our catalog.  At the same time, we are including the picture below to illustrate the versatility of the trolley concept.

unitrack trolley system

To discuss an engineered, trolley-style fall protection system that complies with OSHA and ANSI safety standards for fall arrest, contact Diversified Fall Protection for further assistance.

Learn More About Unistrut Trolley Systems

If your project requires a cost-effective approach to overhead mobility, consider a Unistrut Trolley.  To learn more about Unistrut Trolley Systems, download our Trolley System Catalog or contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.