Buy S-5!® Clamps Online!

If you are looking for a way to attach a rooftop walkway, pipes, conduit, HVAC equipment, solar panels, or a snow guard system to a standing seam roof,  you should take a close look at S-5!® Clamps.  

For many years, we’ve used S-5!® clamps to secure Unistrut rooftop walkways to standing seam roofs, and since we just launched our e-commerce site, we decided to add S-5!®  products to our online store.  We’ve started off with 4 of the most common styles (S-5-U, S-5-U Mini, S-5-V, and the S-5-V Mini), but we’ll be adding more S-5!® roof clamps for standing seam applications to our online store soon.

Advantages of S-5!® Clamps

If you aren’t familiar with this product line, there are a number of reasons for choosing S-5!®  over the copycat products available on the market.

S-5! clamps are available for virtually every panel architectural and metal profile on the market and utilize a proprietary  clamp technology that grips the seam without penetrating the panel material. Unlike the off-brand competitors that utilize “cup-point” screws that cut through the paint and protective coating of standing seam panels (causing corrosion and voiding warranties) S-5! clamps feature round-point setscrews that won’t harm your roof.

The S-5!®  folks have also done 1,000 hour ASTM B-117 Salt Fog testing to ensure their clamps cause NO CORROSION on painted Galvalume® or galvanized panels. All related S-5! hardware is noncorrosive 300 series stainless, rather than plated steel.

When it comes to testing, the team over at S-5!®  has  done more lab testing than all of their competitors combined.  It’s important to remember that the holding strength of each S-5! clamp varies based on different seam profiles, material types and gauges—so they tested their products on all those different panel seams, doing hundreds of independent laboratory pull tests.

The end result of all this product testing and innovative product development is an attachment method with unprecedented holding strength.  The ultimate load-to-failure of S-5! clamps averages over 1,800 pounds—with values in excess of  over 4,000 pounds in some cases. This kind of strength is up to ten times stronger than alternative products.

To learn more about S-5!® clamps for standing seam roof attachment applications, contact our customer service team for more assistance, or visit the S-5! Clamp page in our site to order online.