A Guide to Unistrut Materials & Finishes

Every day, we work with Unistrut on a countless variety of projects and applications across the country. The most commonly specified and purchased part number in the line-up is Unistrut P1000. And if there was one question, we get more than any other, it is this -- “How do I know which finish is best for my channel?” So, in today’s Tech Talk, we are walking through the basics of available Unistrut materials and finishes to help you select the appropriate material for your job.

Material Selection

The first step in the specification process is to decide on a material. When selecting a Unistrut channel or fitting material, special care must be used when considering the working environment (interior/exterior), climate, and atmospheric conditions (wet/dry, salinity, acidity) and weight limitations.


Finish Selection     

Once a material choice is made, the next step is to specify the finish. The lifespan and quality of any metal product depends on using the right coating for the intended installation environment.

Need Additional Assistance?

Our goal is to provide you with the information and expert guidance needed so you can select the right Unistrut material for your specific application. Be sure to read our blog regularly and consult our literature library for the latest information on this versatile building material. While we do our best to provide all the technical information you may need, we understand that your application can be unique. You may have additional questions that can’t be answered by reviewing our website. To discuss your application in greater detail, request pricing, or to place an order, contact Unistrut Service Company by phone or send us an email using our simple “How Can We Help?” form found on every page of our website.